Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables from Prysmian Cables UK


Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables from Prysmian Cables UK


Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables from Prysmian Cables UK

Afumex 6491B low smoke zero halogen cable

6491B Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable

This is a fundamental, single core, low smoke zero halogen (LSOH) cable for installation in a wide range of internal general wiring and building applications.

Suitable for new-build and refurbishment projects, with its small size and 90°C rating, Afumex 6491B is the ideal choice for wiring containment or conduit systems for general building services. Using 6491B cable in this way enables straightforward modification to both lighting and power circuits within buildings in particular hospitals and offices which frequently need layout changes and they need to happen quickly, out of hours, with maximum performance but minimum fuss.

Cable Fire Testing

Afumex 6491B had its superb ‘low smoke zero halogen’ and ‘flame retardant’ properties, developed in the UK over the last thirty years at our dedicated fire test labs in Hampshire.

Prysmian designed and developed the tests and the cables with teams of engineers in the labs and the factory long before British Standards were able to help – defining and pushing boundaries that resulted in a balance of high performance electrical and installation characteristics but with the now essential low fire hazard properties.

Tests such as the ‘3m³ smoke cube’ and ‘vertical prop test’ have evolved into BSs and ENs called for across the world. Afumex 6491B meets or exceeds these standards and is still manufactured at Prysmian in the UK.


Afumex 6491B cable is available from 1.5 mm² to 630 mm² as with a stranded circular copper conductor, and for of cables 35 mm² and above with compacted circular conductors. Available in a range of standard colours and standard reel lengths, 6491B cable is the building block that provides power and control wherever people and buildings meet.

Use 6491B low smoke cable for:

  • lighting and power circuits
  • electrical services in public buildings
  • wiring containment or conduit systems.
  • hospitals or offices which frequently need changes to their layout.
  • buildings where changes need to happen quickly.
  • new-build and refurbishment projects.
  • straightforward modification to lighting and power circuits.

More information on low smoke zero halogen cable see What is Low Smoke Cable?



Conduit Wiring Cable

  • 450/750V
  • 90°C maximum operating temperature
  • Meets BS EN 50525-3-41
  • BASEC approved
  • Low Smoke Zero Halagon (LSOH)
  • Low Acid Gas
  • Reduced flame spread
  • Afumex approved
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