Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables from Prysmian Cables UK


Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables from Prysmian Cables UK


Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables from Prysmian Cables UK

Posted: 30th January 2012

Afumex FAQs

Afumex is the new name for Prysmian’s low fire hazard cables – they help you comply with the standard.

Q. I’ve got stocks of Prysmian low smoke cable, does that meet the standard?

 A. Yes, Prysmian designs and manufactures cables to UK construction standards – if you have genuine Prysmian LSOH cable then it meets the relevant British Standard.

 Q. Are Afumex cables all new, do I need new accessories and methods?

 A. No. Afumex is the new name for ‘low fire hazard cables’ from Prysmian, use good practice to design and install them in the normal way.

 Q. Why bring in the name Afumex?

 A. Some cables in the market are called ‘low smoke’ and may well produce low levels of smoke but if it doesn’t meet the relevant cable standard then it might not pass the other essential tests. By calling them Afumex you can be sure it meets the relevant British Standard.

 Q. What do I use Afumex cables for?

 A. General wiring inside public access buildings. Usually lighting and power in public buildings, shops, offices, transport hubs such as airport terminals or train stations. Anywhere that flame spread, dense black smoke or acid gas would endanger life or prevent escape in the event of fire.

 Q. Are Afumex cables Fire resistant?

 A. No. Afumex cables in the event of fire can burn and stop working but they do not produce smoke or acid gas and they don’t spread flame.

 Q. Why do we need Afumex?

 A. For confidence. You can be sure that Afumex meets the flame ignition standard, flame spread standard, low smoke standard and halogen acid gas standard. At the same time the conductors, insulation, sheathing and the screen or armour all meet the appropriate standard. Afumex means that it meets these standards.

 Q. I use FP for essential and emergency circuits, do I now use Afumex?

 A. No. Afumex is for non essential services such as general lighting and power. Continue to use FP for fire alarms and other essential or emergency circuits.

 Q. Can I still use PVC cables?

 A. Yes. But PVC cables in the event of fire will produce black smoke, halogen-acid gas and can ignite and spread flame easily. Use them where this will not endanger lives.

 Q. I’ve designed my system for standard PVC cables, can I still use that design for Afumex?

 A. Yes, Afumex cables can directly replace standard PVC cables such as 6491X, 6242Y and BS5467. Remember that Afumex cable accessories are available too.

 Q. I need a continuous use high temperature cable for 250°C,  can I now use Afumex?

 A. No. You will need a specialist cable made from high temperature materials. Afumex cables are all rated for maximum contiuous 90°C as in the British Standard.

 Q. Do I need special accessories for Afumex cables?

 A. No. Use standard accessories such as glands, cleats and insulated terminals with low smoke zero halogen plastic or rubber parts.

 Q. My armoured cable installation goes from inside to outside, do I have to joint it to a PVC armoured cable so that I can bury it.?

 A. No. Afumex cable is suitable for outdoor surface and direct burial installation just like PVC armoured cables.

 Q. I’ve just finished an installation and didn’t use Afumex, what British Standards do I need to confirm that the cable I used is up to standard?

 A. See the Afumex Range Brochure. Download a copy here  or contact your wholesaler – there’s a long list of standards and Afumex meets ALL of them.


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