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What is Low Smoke Cable?

Installing low smoke cable

A genuine ‘low smoke cable’ is manufactured from a range of materials which, in a fire, produce very low levels of smoke, gas and reduce the spread of flame. These cables, commonly called ‘LS0H’ or ‘0HLS’ have distinctive thermoplastic or thermoset compounds rather than the traditional PVC for their insulation, bedding, fillers and sheathing. In the event of a fire, traditional materials containing halogens can release hydrogen chloride gas (HCl) which in the presence of water produces hydrochloric acid. HCl on the skin can cause severe burns and inhalation of HCl fumes can cause death.

King's Cross Fire

In 1987, as a result of the London King's Cross fire, it became mandatory to use these ‘low fire hazard’ cables throughout the London Underground system. This was because the majority of fatalities in this tragedy were caused by gas and smoke inhalation rather than from the fire itself.

Reduced Levels of Smoke

In event of a fire, Prysmian’s ‘low smoke’ cable, called Afumex, emits vastly reduced levels of smoke, as well as levels of halogen gases that are non-toxic, less than 0.5% HCl. Professionals recommend using low smoke cable in public buildings or areas that are highly populated and enclosed. This type of cable has also become common throughout the construction, aircraft and rail industries, reducing the risk if a fire does occur.

Low Smoke Standard

Prysmian’s Afumex ‘low smoke’ cable means that you can be sure Afumex meets or exceeds the cable construction standard, the low smoke standard, the zero halogen standard, the flame retardant standard and has third party approval. Only when a cable does all of this can it be called Afumex and only then will we give it the Afumex Quality Mark.

Common terms for this type of cable are LSHF (Low Smoke Halogen Free), LS0H (Low Smoke Zero Halogen), 0HLS (Zero Halogen Low Smoke)

Suitable Afumex products:

  • 6491B Low Smoke Cable - a fundamental, single core, low smoke zero halogen (LS0H) cable
  • 6242B Low Smoke Cable - a flat twin core, low smoke zero halagon, flame retardant cable with circuit protective conductor.
  • BS6724 Low Smoke Cable - a low smoke, armoured, zero halogen cable for power distribution indoors or outdoors.
  • LSX Earthshield - a low smoke flame retardant cable typically used for small power and lighting circuits.


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