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6242B Flame Retardant Cable

The flat twin core, LSOH flame retardant cable with circuit protective conductor (cpc), for a wide range of indoor building applications typically power, lighting and sub-mains distribution.

Afumex 6242B cable is manufactured, developed and tested to comply with BS 7211 for low fire hazard wiring cables. Use it in suitabably protected installations and it can provide significant savings to the traditional indoor protected wiring solution. It requires no brass glands and can be readily fixed with nylon accessories but, please select your accessories carefully to retain the low fire hazard and flame retardant properties.


Surface Wiring Cable

  • 300/500V
  • 90°C maximum operating temperature
  • Meets BS7211
  • Direct replacement for PVC cables to BS6004
  • BASEC approved
  • Low Smoke
  • Low Acid Gas
  • Reduced flame spread
  • Afumex approved
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